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Patriot Certified Pilot Cars LLC

Patriot Certified Pilot Cars
Rates / Terms as of January 1, 2013
All rates are subject to change

Rates vary due to the complexity and requirements of each run.
Please call, fax or email for a confidential rate quote.

Office:   203-364-1961

Cell:   203-994-2620

Fax:   203-567-8008
Incidental Charges (when applicable)
Downtime charged after 1 hour free time.
$20.00 p/hr
"No Go" or runs cancelled with less than a 2 hour notice.
$150.00 p/escort
Overnight Layover / Next Day Reservation (NDR)
$75.00 p/escort
Layover time waiting for permits, surveys, repairs, inclement weather, etc.
$150.00 p/day + NDR p/escort
Deadhead Miles (when deadhead miles exceed paid miles)
$0.60 p/mile
Record your OSL move and have it burned to DVD
Rates vary depending on length of move
Showcase your OSL move on
Terms and Agreements
All Invoices are Due and Payable upon Receipt

Customers requesting credit are subject to credit approval.

For Customers granted credit the terms are ‘NET 20’ (20 Business Days). Customer understands and agrees that any credit granted shall be paid promptly in accordance with Terms and Agreements, that the credit grantor may add 10% to any overdue balance, and in the event of default to pay, all collection charges and/or attorney fees. Any legal proceedings are to take place in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Office:   203-364-1961

Cell:   203-994-2620

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