Providing Route Surveys For Your over-dimensional Load

Often, our oversize load and superload permit customers require us to take our expertise a step further and provide a route survey before they can fully execute their heavy haul permits. The route survey serves as the validation of a proposed route, ensuring the safety of all involved while the load is being transported.

A vehicle (in most cases a pilot car, also known as an escort vehicle) must travel the exact route proposed to perform a route survey.

Patriot Certified Pilot Cars performs and provides route surveys prior to escorting your over-dimensional load. Your pilot car driver will review the route survey, discuss any potential obstacles and review the specific route.

A route survey performed by Patriot Certified Pilot Cars usually consists of detailed information regarding the following:

  • Roads proposed
  • Bridges including slabs and pillars
  • Road turns with turning radius indicated
  • Bypass information
  • Overheads
  • Railway crossings
  • Wire and cable clearances, including utilities

A route survey is essential to you, as a truck driver or trucking company, to ensure an over-dimensional load arrives safely and on time to its destination. Surveys are the most cost-effective way to keep the roadways safe for all motorists and the general public.

We provide not only experienced and trained pilot car drivers but also drivers who are qualified to give you the best possible route for your load.